New Modern Look

Personal Protective Equipment

Are you looking for PPE but tired of seeing the same designs that have been around for years. Are you looking for a more modern look but without sacrificing the safety features of the garment? Then look no further... When PPE was first introduced it was very much one design for all industries! However, In the late 1980's the European Union passed two PPE directives and it was these new regulations that led to the introduction of industry specific PPE.

First and foremost PPE is worn to keep workers safe and hi-vis PPE ensures workers are seen.  PPE needs to be made from fabrics that are extremely strong and tough and can withstand anything thrown at them, which in certain industries can include flames, arc flash and extreme heat to name but a few.

Without doubt PPE has evolved over the years as the industry saw a major wave of innovation in the design of PPE garments.  One of the most popular recent innovations for PPE was the introduction of new lightweight and breathable materials. Alongside these a pro stretch fabric was also introduced to give the wearer increased comfort. These innovations brought with them a whole NEW look offering a contemporary option for the modern worker.

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