Arcs N Sparks are now an Approved Distributor for Pawa Gloves!

             Arcs N Sparks are excited to announce they are now an approved distributor for                                                                                         Pawa gloves!

Pawa gloves are premium quality safety gloves that have been designed with quality in mind. They are built to last whilst withstanding the strain of every day working life. The Pawa range of work glove includes breathable and dexterous gloves, liquid repellent gloves including water and oil repellent options, thermal gloves and sharp handling gloves making them a firm favourite for the logistics, aerospace, construction and automotive industries. Pawa gloves are hardwearing yet comfortable and are Oeko-Tex approved!

We have a wide range for you to chose from both online and instore but if you aren’t sure which ones are best suited for your requirements here are a few of the top sellers:

Pawa Breathable Glove:
Featuring anti-fatigue technology and superior breathability these working gloves provide excellent dexterity and grip, even in the oiliest of environments, whilst remaining comfortable at all times. Ideal for fabrication and assembly, tool handling and small parts sorting.

Pawa Water-Repellent Glove:
Featuring advanced dual-dipped technology and a layer of highly flexible latex these gloves will help protect your hands from the elements, and with a layer of highly flexible latex your movements will not be restricted. A second coat of advanced latex micro foam ensures an ultimate grip is achieved. This glove is level 2 contact heat resistance compliant and is perfect for any industry where there is wet handling, such as construction and shipping and ports. 

Pawa Water-Repellent Thermal Glove:
Featuring a layer of highly flexible latex these work gloves are a multi-norm dual dipped glove providing water repellency, contact heat and cold protection, whilst not restricting movement. Ideal to wear in environments where cold and wet handling are required making them extremely popular in shipping ports, chilled operations and warehousing.

Pawa Oil-Resistant Glove:
Featuring a dual layer nitrile coated glove that protects your hands from industrial fluids this glove keeps your hands healthy whilst also offering class leading grip and dexterity. Ideal for any jobs that require greasy parts handling making them a must for the automotive, oil and gas and refuse and recycling industries. 

Pawa offer an extensive range of premium work gloves so make sure you check out our online shop for more options or visit us instore where you can feel the quality yourselves!

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